Empowering students to share their story by bringing hip hop into our learning sanctuaries.

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At The Educationalist Method we strive to build communities that allow students to share their authentic stories without disguises. We choose to embed hip hop into our learning sanctuaries as a conscious effort to empower youth culture.

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By bringing hip hop education into classrooms we help students build:

  • An awareness of their social and emotional learning needs
  • An appreciation for history and the impact of cultural movements
  • An individual writing style that incorporates rhythmic expression

We offer programs that support schools, teachers, and community leaders. All our program offerings are designed to be individualized to schools while also staying true to the core need for exceptional learning experiences through exploration, imagination, and movement. It is our goal to pull the genius out of every student one lyric at a time!

Program Offerings for Schools & Community Organizations

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Discover Your Power. Share Your Story.

Want your poems to come alive on stage? Are you finally ready to share the greatness that is locked inside you, but don't know where or how to start?Then discover more about this genre and develop the skills needed to join this dynamic storytelling scene by choosing this package!

Want to learn more about incorporating hip hop education into your learning sanctuary? Are you a new teacher or do you work with new teachers hoping to find out of the box techniques for young minds? Do you just love 90's hip hop music and enjoy jam sessions featuring Missy Elliot & Busta Rhymes? Then dust off your Rebook Classics and cassette tapes andjoin our teaching artist community for extraordinary learning!

Are you and your group looking for ways to make meaningful connections as you work towards better meeting your goals? Do you want to try Project Based Learning with your students but need some ideas for how to get started? Or are you a loyal member of the BeeHive and will do anything at the mention of Your Highness, Queen B? No judgment here! Sign up for this package to unlock more unconventional approaches to group work and team building!

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